5th Growth Classified Châteaux: 2019 Chateau du Tertre Margaux

There is a reason Château de Tertre never takes off its coat to stay awhile! The 2018 we offered in April didn’t even stop to say “hello”. It had other plans, jumping on the delivery trucks as they lined up to take them to their new homes. In walks the 94 pointer 2019 vintage, oh, and the reason it doesn’t stick around long: it’s under 55 bucks!! 

Château de Tertre Margaux sits just 3 miles from 1st Growth Château Margaux, benefiting from the same gravely Margaux soils, but its wines cost a little, comparably. And oh, what wine  Tertre produces! “Serious, dark, and rich,” says Decanter. And Dunnuck says the 2019 is “certainly the finest wine I’ve tasted from this domaine.” Both agree this 94 point red has serious aging potential. 

One of the features of Margaux’s terroir that makes it ideal for wine growing is its gravelly soils that provide excellent water runoff. Tertre’s specific terroir has one of the most elevated gravel outcrops (meaning all its beautiful gravelliness is right on the surface) of the Medoc region. Those conditions make it easier for the vines’ roots to break through and travel deep into the soil searching for water, creating stable, nourished vines. 

Vinous puts it perfectly when it says the wine from this terroir, particularly the 2019, “shows off its depth and resonance. Readers will find a wine with real character and gravitas.”

2016 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon