What has us most excited about today’s offer, besides the fine wine in bottles​​? It’s the way we see you enjoying the 2015 & 2016 Mazzei Fonterutoli Siepi Toscana. These are wines you can hold on to, certainly, but they’re also ready to open now, and we have a vision of a mini-vertical tasting with a companion or two.

What’s a vertical tasting? It’s when you open the same wines, usually from the same producer, from different vintages to compare their qualities. Why would the same wine from the same producer vary from year to year? The climate has a lot to do with it. Everything from how early the buds on the vine broke to rain the day before harvest can influence a wine. 

Fortunately, 2015 and 2016 were “two great vintages,” according to Suckling, also calling the 2015 Fonterutoli Siepi Toscana “a triumph” and the 2016 “a masterpiece.” Parker’s Wine Advocate declared the 2016 the best vintage of Siepi tasted so far, giving it 96 points.

Even in less than stellar years, the Mazzei family knows how to make quality wines because they’ve been doing it for 26 generations! The family has owned the Siepi vineyard since 1435, at first working with indigienous Italian grapes like Sangiovese. In the early 1980s they had the foresight to plant Merlot. This premier Italian estate now puts equal amounts of both in their Fonterutoli Siepi Toscana.

Both excellent vintages have notes of elder, plum, berries, sandalwood, and tobacco, with very long, bright finishes. But, there are noticeable differences between the two years, and this is why the idea of a vertical tasting excites us. Does one have more leather? Does one have more of a crushed stone/gravel component? How do the tannins feel in the 2015 compared to the 2016? Comparing the two sounds like a fun way to spend an evening, right?

Of course, you can simply enjoy these wines one at a time or both together with a classic tomato-sauced pasta, game, or rich mushroom dishes.

Here’s today’s offer. Both bottles together could cost you $300, but we have both of them for $174.99. That’s 42% off when you buy two excellent wines from two excellent vintages. You can also purchase the 2015 Mazzei Fonterutoli Siepi Toscana alone for 88.99 or the 2016 Mazzei Fonterutoli Siepi Toscana alone for 88.99, each at a 40% discount. 

Whether you buy the two together or just one of the vintages, we know you’re going to delight in these critically lauded wines made from a storied Tuscan winery with a history of producing award-winning wine since its inception.

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