Over 100 Years of Winemaking Experience: 2018 Stefano Accordini Paxxo Rosso del Veneto

Got a quick question for you: When you think of Venice, what's the first thing that pops into your head? Is it "love," "history," "food," or perhaps even "gondolas"? Well, if you're anything like me, you're probably shouting "wine!" from the rooftops!

Veneto shines in Italy, and the 2018 Stefano Accordini Paxxo Rosso del Veneto is the living embodiment of why we're head over heels for this region: an incredible taste, a rich history, and an unbeatable price.
Stefano Accordini spans over a century of Italian winemaking excellence, with its roots dating back to 1914. Now, fast forward to 1982, where the Accordini brothers, Tiziano and Daniele, decided it was time to blend tradition with a touch of modern flair at their winery.
Paxxo is a captivating blend of Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot. Corvina and Cabernet Sauvignon bring depth and persistence, while Merlot adds an elegant finesse. Aged in French oak barrels, this wine deserves a standing ovation. This wine does a heck of a job reaching for the stars like Quintarelli, and Dal Forno… this is a producer to watch. Their star is rising, fast, get in before the prices also rise.
The 2018 Stefano Accordini Paxxo Rosso del Veneto is a shining example of the Accordini brothers' relentless quest for excellence.

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