2007 Qupe Reserve Chardonnay Bien Nacido Block 11 Santa Barbara

Have you ever experienced a perfectly aged Chardonnay? One that's not wrought with oak but one that's leaner and built to age? Well if you haven't had the chance this is your opportunity.
In 2007 Central Coast icon and California winemaking pioneer, Bob Lindquist, harvested the fruit that would eventually create the 2007 Qupe Reserve Chardonnay Bien Nacido Block 11 from Santa Barbara County. I recently tasted this wine after finding a few bottles laying around the warehouse, and WOW did it impress.
This is an aged wine lovers delight that is at or near its peak and ready to drink today. The fruit character in this special bottle is muted, while tertiary characteristics of shaved almonds, dried yellow apple, golden raisin, and chanterelle mushroom single loud and clear. The round, creamy texture dance around the palate arousing every tastebud it mingles with. If you're like me and love aged Chardonnay this wine could be your palates' tour de force.
You see not all Chardonnay's have the ability to span the distance of 15+ years like this 2007 is currently doing. Retired winemaker, Bob Lindquist, built wines to last. He incorporated 22% Roussane into the blend of this Chardonnay which added additional structure and complexities into the wine. This is a one-of-a-kind marvel from one of the world's greatest pioneering winemakers.
2007 was a vintage along the Central Coast that produced a small crop but fruit of exceptional quality. Four Vines owner Christian Tietje told Wine Spectator that he thinks Chardonnay "will be gorgeous, very crisp and with better aging potential than usual." That's exactly what I've seen from the 2007 Qupe Reserve Chardonnay. With a crop that took a 40% hit from the previous year, 2007 was indeed a year where quality prevailed over quantity.
This is a rare find. I quite literally stumbled upon a few extra cases that were inventoried incorrectly when reviewing our stock. I immediately tasted the wine that nearly brought me to my knees by its beauty. I've indulged in multiple bottles of this jewel ever since (*wink*).
The icing on the cake is the mind-boggling cost. If you were to purchase an aged Chard from an outstanding vintage produced by a top producer in Burgundy or California, you would expect to pay $100+. The 2007 Qupe Reserve Chard is 3/4ths that price. It's time a perfectly aged Chardonnay rocks your world just as it did mine. 
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