2019 Tenimenti della Scala Negroamaro Appassimento Salento IGT

We recently stocked up on one of our bestsellers and I'm here to inform you all that this rich and luscious sensation is back again! Here's what we said about this sell-out wine in October:
Today marks the return of a new vintage from a fan favorite and BHW bestseller. Straight out of Southern Italy comes the sultry decadence of Negroamaro. Rich and generous, this distinctive wine may sound like the perfect man but in reality, it's a one-way ticket to paradise.
Will everyone give a warm welcome to the one you all know and love, the 2019 Tenimenti della Scala Negroamaro from Salento(The crowd goes wild!)
I'm going to take you to a paradise and in order to get there, we need something special. So what's special about this wine other than being the Orin Swift of Italy? First off, it's made in the appassimento style (similar to the style of winemaking in Valpolicella used to produce Amarone and Ripasso).
The grapes are dried to produce a greater concentration of color, aromas, and flavors. Then they are pressed and made into a succulent potion. It's practically unheard of for a Negroamaro to be produced in such a fashion. The result? A one-of-a-kind Southern Italian seduction.
Coming from its native homeland in the Salento region of Puglia (the heel of the Italian boot), the team at Tenimenti dellla Scala is creating a new mold for this indigenous variety; one that unites winemaking tradition from two drastically different regions.
Let's celebrate the initiative that Scala has embarked on! They have truly taken the path less traveled by redefining winemaking in Southern Italy. They stand on the forefront–in a literal paradise–illustrating a new tomorrow by cultivating an opulent ostentatious liquid oracle.
I know that last sentence might've been a mouthful but it was needed to display the mouthful of flavors waiting to burst onto your palate. This $20 bombshell is rewriting the scriptures of Southern Italian winemaking. Don't wait to transcend into this euphoric experience.