91-94 Point Vintage  Wine Spectator: 2021 Illahe Estate Bon Sauvage Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

You know we all adore a fantastic Pinot Noir, and usually, we turn to Burgundy, the Russian River Valley in California, or even Central Otago in New Zealand. But here's a twist – ever thought about exploring the Willamette Valley in Oregon?

According to the folks over at Wine Spectator Magazine, “There’s never been a better time to explore Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Thanks to consecutive tremendous vintages, winemakers are offering plenty of great wines to buy.”
We couldn't agree more, which is precisely why we went on a quest to bring you this monumental discovery: The 2021 Illahe Estate Bon Sauvage Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley.
Illahe Vineyards, right in the heart of Willamette Valley on an 80-acre south-facing slope, is all about a rich grape-growing and winemaking legacy, making them true pinoeers of Oregon's wine scene. It’s tucked in behind another famous vineyard: Freedom Hill where Ken Wright, Lange, Walter Scott, and Purple Hands craft their $100 pinots from.
Picture this: Illahe's vineyard site, sun-drenched and nestled in the middle of the Oregon landscape, with slopes that varies from gentle to steep, forming a microclimate that's perfect for nurturing exceptional grapes. The result? Astonishing Pinot.
Now, let's talk about the rock star here, the Bon Sauvage Pinot Noir. Crafted by the dynamic duo Brad and Nathan, this wine is Illahe's soul in a bottle. It's a blend of earthy and spicy flavors, whether you want to pop it open right now or save it for a future epic moment. Oh, and in case you haven't heard, Pinot Noirs are the quintessential wine to elevate your upcoming festivities, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond!
And hey, remember that epic shout-out from Wine Spectator about “tremendous Vintages in Williamette”? Well, 2021 was one of them. They gave it 91-94 points, saying, "Pinots are perfumed, fresh, and vibrant."

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