2018 Zuccardi Poligonos Malbec Tupungato Alto

To say that Malbec has had a moment in the spotlight would be a severe understatement. There is good reason for all of the attention that these grapes receive when treated right by the right people. It is practically a religious experience.
Enter the Zucardi Family, currently on the third generation of grape growers, this winemaking family is running full steam ahead. Their 2018 Zuccardi Poligonos Malbec Tupungato Alto will show you why.
Zuccardi's Poligonos Tupungato Alto Malbec comes from the Valle de Uco's celebrated subregion, Gualtallary. Exquisite growing areas like Gualtallary along with the expertise of Zuccardi have ushered in one of the hottest and most exciting styles of wine.
It's a style of Argentine Malbec that's lighter and leaner with elevated acidity and mineral character. This is not a new style of winemaking but one that's capturing the hearts of new wine lovers around the world.
Critics are also taking notice. This bottling alone received four scores totaling 375 points! (95, 94, 93, 93). Not to mention the vast portfolio of Zuccardi wines that continue to shine bright in the eyes of wine critics across the globe. We know you will love this wine just as much as the critical pros have (if not more!).
This wine is the perfect example of the idealistic wine-growing conditions in Argentina and the expertise of Zuccardi.
Here is a Malbec for everyone, priced under $30/bottle you can open this up any day of the week without any regrets. This is the perfect bottle to end a long day at work with or even to drink with a long-winded dinner. Don’t miss out on stocking up on this while you have the chance.
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