Le Brun Organic Cidre Bretagne France NV

The world of wine is filled with the usual suspects: Burgundy, Bordeaux, Barolo, Brunello, Napa Cab, Argentine Malbec, Australian Shiraz, etc. But what about the unusual suspects? 
Who are they and what are they like? Today, I'm going to introduce you to one of my favorite "unusual suspects," the Le Brun Organic Cidre from Bretagne France.
Cider gets a bad wrap. There's a consensus about cider being spiked apple juice or a hot/cold sugar bomb for the beverage illiterate. This viewpoint pulls a tear from my eye because cider is so much more. Great cider is dry or off-dry and comes from passionate minds who have been making it for generations.
The Le Brun Organic Cider is no different. Since 1955 Le Brun has been crafting superior ciders using traditional methods and natural fermentations. Their Organic Cider is an off-dry cider made from organically grown apples. It's sweet on approach but dries out as the palate lingers with balancing tannins and moderate acidity, complemented by a mild hint of wood. It has a juicy feel to it, along with depth and character.
Bretagne (Brittany), France consistently produces some of the best ciders in the world along with places like Basque Country, Northern Italy, and the UK. Cider from these places is not spiked Martinelli's nor is it a hot or sweet fruit bomb. It's a historical beverage that's perfect for an aperitif or daily quaffer.
Fun fact: the Mayflower (yes the English ship that set sail for America with 102 passengers in 1620) had a severely damaged beam after a significant storm. It was serious enough for the crew to consider turning back; however, the beam was repaired with a large iron screw from an apple press. Without the desire to bring cider production to American and that heroic press, who knows what would have happened.
The new year is here, making it the perfect time to reconsider old and preconceived notions about cider. Let's recapture our appreciation and admiration for this historical beverage.
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