2018 Clos De Los Siete Red Blend Mendoza Argentina

Prepare yourself to indulge in this first-class vino from the leading winemaking region in Argentina.

Today’s offer is no other than 2018 Clos De Los Siete Red Blend Mendoza Argentina, one of the best Argentinian wines in the world. No kidding, this wine is the #53 wine in Wine Spectator and #64 in Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 lists.

Let’s talk about the perfect combo behind this fantastic wine: Michel Rolland + Argentina.

Michel Rolland is without a doubt one of the biggest names in wine. He is not only a pioneering winemaker with an unrivaled pedigree within the famed region of Bordeaux but a fearless leader and champion of Argentina viticulture. So if one of the best winemakers of all time saw something spectacular in Uco Valley’s terroir after traveling to Argentina in 1988 and decided to create his own estate here, what does that tell you about this wine? Nothing but absolute perfection.

There are good places to grow wine everywhere, but Argentina is especially blessed.” ~Michel Rolland.

The wines of the Clos de Los Siete have gained their success from the favorable combination of four key elements, which are hard to find all together in any other place but here. Generous soils, conducive weather, top-flight vines, and a beneficial orientation collectively contribute to producing world-class wines.

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