Insider Winer Series Live from Vinexpo 2019

Big Hammer Wines presents Big Hammer Wines Films that reveal what really goes on inside the wine industry. Through frank discussions of hot topics of the day, these films bring you inside the wine world. 

Owner Greg Martellotto recently attended Bordeaux’s Vinexpo to source classified-growthBordeaux wines.  During this visit he interviewed Eduardo Chadwick of Viña Errazuriz in Chile for BHW Films. Eduardo took the honor of Decanter’s Man of the Year for 2018.  

The newest video is an interview with Jeffrey Davies, a Bordeaux négociant with four decades of experience in sourcing, selecting and exporting these high demand wines.  

“My goal for Big Hammer Wines Films is to bring the consumer closer to the producers. The wine industry is so arcane that it is difficult for wine drinkers to understand, especially novices. Just as in my business, I want to go direct to the consumer and eliminate all the people who get in the way and add cost and complexity. We bring the best producers to speak directly to you and give you relevant information so you can make better choices about the wines you drink.” says Greg Martellotto. 

bordeaux vinexpo 2019

Through BHW Films, wine drinkers can learn more to make better decisions about what to drink and how much to pay.  Big Hammer Wines delivers quality wine education and information for the consumer’s benefit. You don’t need to pay more for luxury wines. 

Topics of recent films include:

  • special interviews with industry experts sharing their unique insights
  • insider discussions of relevant topics such as:
    • biodynamics in wine
    • organics and chemical free wines
    • wine criticism and evaluation
    • importer secrets
  • insider perspectives on wine regions

Anyone wishing to expand their wine knowledge with insider information will enjoy these films. Videos run from just a minute or two to just under 30 minutes and are available at BHW Films website.  New films posted regularly. 

Big Hammer Wines and Greg Martellotto are dedicated to educating you about all aspects of wine so you can drink better wine and spend less money. 

If anyone is interested in securing wines Bordeaux en primeur, contact BHW today as the 2018 campaign is drawing to a close.

big hammer wines films vinexpo 2019

ABOUT Big Hammer Wines

Since its launch in 2009, Big Hammer Wines has been committed to sourcing wines of exceptional quality and value, at every price point, from around the world and the U.S. Big Hammer Wines has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 2018.

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Greg Martellotto, Owner

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