93pt Sta Rita Hills Pinot Noir: 2018 Prodigal Pinot Noir Sta Rita Hills

We use the term sweet spot so often anymore that we forget it was originally a sports term. In sports, the sweet spot is the spot on a bat, tennis racket, or golf club that’s ideal for connecting with the ball. Hit the ball at the sweet spot and you have a good chance of doing really, really well. Now, the term is universally recognized to mean the best condition for something, and for Pinot grown in California, Sta. Rita Hills AVA has quickly become known as the sweet spot for Pinot Noir.

Located along the central coast, the Pacific Ocean’s maritime climate creates the optimal conditions for growing Pinot. The grape loves the cool climate created by the coastal-influenced oceanic breezes and rolling fog. The 93-point 2018 Prodigal Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills is quintessential Sta. Rita Pinot, which makes sense because Prodigal only crafts Pinot Noir.

Owner and winemaker Steve Russell, who first started making wine in California in the early 1960s, understands his winery is located in Pinot’s sweet spot. Vintage after vintage, his wines connect with that sweet spot precisely.Some years make it easier to connect than others, and 2018 was one of those years. Jeb Dunnuck declared it a 95 to 97 point vintage in the region, meaning the conditions were right for crafting extraordinary wines.

Wine Enthusiast exclaims the 2018 Prodigal Pinot Noir is "hearty with wild-cherry, cherry-pit, and baked plum flavors."It’s a beautiful wine that not just Pinot lovers, but all red wine lovers, will embrace. Full of dark fruit, violet, and spice aromas with cherry, plum, black raspberry, and vanilla on the palate, it’s balanced with a long and elegant finish.

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