99 Point

Every once in a while we have the fun privilege of bringing you a super high-scoring wine for an unbelievably affordable price. Today is one of the days we get to shower down excellent savings on a close-to-perfect wine, and we’re so excited about it. 

The 99-point 2019 Guerrieri Guerriero della Terrais a real stunner. Italian wine expert Luca Maroni exclaims this is "absolutely one of the best Italian wines of the year, of exceptional intensity, which gives its fruit a rare consistency, softness, and intact aromas. A wine that becomes a sensual experience."

In case you haven’t experienced enough Montepulciano - Sangiovese blends to be familiar with it, here’s a good connection to make: We've found people who love Napa Valley Cabernet also love Montepulciano. 

Why you may ask? It’s because both are full of lush blueberry and blackberry fruit, mocha, and when you add some French oak, the wines are near twins –except for the price. The central Italian stallion is a bargain by comparison.

The best Montepulcianios can age up to 15 years. Guerriero Della Terra is one of the best Montepulciano blends we've had the fortune to taste and acquire in years. This wine is deep and powerful. Given the rising prices of Napa Cabs, this is absolutely a wine and region to be stocking up on. (Now would be the time for us to remind you that shipping is free with 6 or more bottles of wine.)

Azienda Agraria Guerrieri is located right in the middle of the Pessaro Hills, in the wine region of Le Marche. With a 200 year history, the family-owned winery is now run by the 6th generation—Luca, Maria Giulia, and Alberto Guerrieri. Respect for the land and for people is top of mind always. Their life mantra is to "Restore the ancient knowledge of our ancestors: Simplicity, respect, sustainability, solidarity." They are true farmers who care for 48 acres of vineyards managed with organic practices with a minimum intervention policy

Guerrieri produces this Montepulciano-Sangiovese blend only in the best years from the oldest vineyard. Della Terra means “from the earth” and in 2019, the earth under their vines gave exceptional fruit that under the skillful hands of Guerrieri’s winemaker resulted in a wine with “intense aromas of ripe, dark fruits with notes of blackberries and the most expensive balsamic vinegar. Silky tannins, perfectly balanced acidity, full, almost creamy and long-lasting,” according to Maroni.

If you love top rated Napa Cabs and are accustomed to ponying up $100+ for a good bottle, you might want to sit down before reading the next paragraph.

This 99 point Italian red that Napa Cab fanatics love, a wine that Maroni called “one of the best Italian wines” is under $40! See why we’re so excited? BHW is able to offer this exceptional wine to you for the Lowest Price Anywhere and over 33% off, and that’s what we love to do the most. 

(One last reminder because the wine is a deal we almost can’t believe ourselves: Shipping is free on 6 or more bottles.)

2016 Whitehall Lane Leonardini Estate Cabernet Sauvignon