2019 Rural Pinot Noir Eagle Peak from Mendocino County

Mendocino County is an untapped oasis for flawless wine-growing. This region has the potential to become one of the wine world's premier growing regions, but due to another plant dominating the land (marijuana), we may never know. Everything that makes this terroir an ideal place for Marijuana also makes it ideal for Pinot Noir.
From the land of moderate temperatures and prolonged sunshine, the Fetzer family presents the 2019 Rural Pinot Noir Eagle Peak from Mendocino County.
The Fetzer family has been producing wine since 1968, their first venture into wine production was under their namesake winery. After selling that brand as a commercial success in 1992 the family sidestepped into rural farming which lead to producing this delicious Pinot Noir.
Their fifty-three years of wine-making experience stands out in this bottle. This is a great daily drinker, with an approachable price point and a stand-out quality there isn’t much more that you could want.
Mendocino county provides an excellent growing environment for Pinot Noir. The temperature is mediated by the cool breezes that roll in off of the Pacific Ocean allowing for the grapes to ripen slowly and evenly throughout the warm California summer. Wine that is grown here always presents a bright and energetic profile with a classic lightly fruited aroma.
This is a Pinot that will appease any Pinot drinker, whether you prefer Burgundy or classic new world takes, this plays the part well. A perfect pairing to a winter stew or even lighter fare in the upcoming spring. With the expert team behind this project, these low prices won’t last long, take advantage while this label still cruises under the radar.
Good wine comes from happy winemakers, happy winemakers come from Mendocino.
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